North Ridgeville Schools Drop Out of the Twittersphere



Scraping by on little more than 60 followers, North Ridgeville Schools top brass figured their Twitter account just wasn’t worth the hassle anymore. The district killed its presence on the social network recently to almost zero fanfare.

“Twitter just flopped for us,” schools spokeswoman Amy Rutledge tells the Chronicle-Telegram. “We were getting very minimal activity with it.” The district handle, @NRCSRangers, proved not only to be a pointless void for school officials, but it also forced education administrators to confront Twitter’s restrictive 140-character limit. To wit, Rutledge and crew didn’t like the idea of having to cut into the English language with abbreviations, goofy hashtags, and constant updates to their Flappy Bird scores.

“When you’re a school district, you probably don’t want to talk in slang,” she adds.

No word yet on North Ridgeville Schools’ blossoming Snapchat account.

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