New Chinese-Style Grill Coming to AsiaTown




AsiaTown shoppers might have noticed a new sign for Han Chinese Kebob and Grill, hanging above a long-dormant space in the same small plaza as Koko Bakery. That restaurant is aiming for an April or May opening, according to Amy Wong, a partner in the operation.

"We know there are several Chinese restaurants around but most are serving food from Southern China," Wong explains. "We will be different, that's one of the reasons we want to open. We are from Northern China and will bring in food from a different part of China."

Wong says that the menu is far from settled, but diners can expect plenty of stews, stuffed breads and dumplings, Chinese-style pancakes, and lots of lamb and pork dishes. Grilled Chinese-style kebobs also will be a house specialty, she says.

"Kebobs are very popular with the young people in China," says Wong. "We're going to experiment with different things and see how people react to it."

Management is working on bringing in a chef from Chicago, who currently works at a popular Beijing-style restaurant.

"We hope the market here is good enough to keep the chef, given that they are more expensive," notes Wong.

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