Confirmed: Cedar Point May Be Building Your New Favorite Ride




Update: Cedar Point has just confirmed the installation of a new Sling Shot Ride. The new attraction will be ready for riders sometime after June 7.


Original story published 2/14/14

Flinging people hundreds of feet into the air at 100 mph— this could be a recipe for thrilling fun, or for countless pairs of pee pants.

Cedar Point's (possible) new Sling Shot Ride (may) appear this summer.

While Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said there are no new projects to announce at the park, a filing with the Federal Aviation Administration called the "2014 Sling Shot Ride" suggests otherwise.

The filing states that the project will be constructed between March 7 and June 7— not quite finished in time for Cedar Point's May 10 opening.

It's just speculation, but it seems like the Sling Shot ride could be a surprise attraction for the next season. And what kind of amusement park lover doesn't love surprises?

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