Wayne County Deputies Seize 3 Tons of Stolen Beef


Photo via Wayne County Sheriff
  • Photo via Wayne County Sheriff

Wayne County deputies have answered the burning question, "Where's the beef?" after recently seizing three tons of stolen meat products from a Wooster trailer park.

Over $20,000 of beef was apparently nabbed from Canaan Meats storage freezers in nearby Creston on Wednesday evening, and transported to Wooster by three suspects.

On Saturday, Wayne County deputies were directed to a local mobile residence where they discovered two bathtubs and a number of trash bags packed with snow and meat products, as well as a filled-to-the-brim refrigerator.

Authorities recovered approximately $9,000 worth of the stolen goods, and arrested James Malone, 36, Penny Malone, 41, and Tyler Chrostowski, 24, on charges of receiving stolen property, but are still looking for the remaining products. 

Anyone who has additional information, or would like to purchase tickets to the 2014 Wayne County Sheriff's Department barbecue is asked to call 330-287-5750.

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