Lakewood Nonprofit "Because I Said I Would" Needs Your Help




The Lakewood nonprofit and social movement "Because I Said I Would," which made headlines back in June when its founder walked 240 miles across the state of Ohio and again in October when the organization produced the viral YouTube confession video of drunken driver Matthew Cordle, needs your help.

Group founder Alex Sheen recently posted a plea to Reddit asking for volunteers to help the nonprofit keep up with the increasing demand for their iconic promise cards.

"Because of all the media coverage, we are buried under requests for the promise cards that we send out for free. We are currently 11,000 requests behind and are [in] severe need of volunteers at our Lakewood, Ohio office," Sheen wrote on Reddit.

What's more, internet famous "Napkin Notes Dad," who drew inspiration from Sheen's promise cards, is making an appearance on Rachel Ray on Wednesday, and likely, Sheen said, the requests will keep going up.

"If you or anyone would be interested in helping us count and pack promise cards, please visit and let us know through the quick form on that page," Sheen wrote on reddit.

Any takers?

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