Ohio Man Hammers a Bullet into his Own Leg to Get Pain Meds




An Ohio man has been charged with falsification after he allegedly hammered a bullet into his own leg in an asinine attempt to get a hold of pain medications.

According to the Marion Star, police responded to a call last week that a man had been shot outside of a MotoMart. Mysteriously, the shooting "victim," 48-year-old Kenneth Stapleton, was the only person who could provide any details on the incident, one of which, conveniently enough, was that he didn't see his shooter.

After the injured Stapleton was transported to Marion General Hospital, a high-powered rifle round was extracted from a superficial entry wound in his right thigh. Lt. Ed Brown added that a bullet of that size should have exited the skin or broken a bone.

Later, Stapleton confessed to removing the round from its casing with pliers and using a hammer to insert it into his own leg in efforts, police suspect, to gain access to pain meds.

Sounds like a pretty crazed plan for a few kicks and pills.

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