Willoughby Hills Movies 10 Has Closed




It's oldish news at this point, but Scene has just learned that the Willoughby Hills Movies 10 — the cheapest of all Cleveland's cheapies — shut its doors for good at the end of February.

Execs from the Phoenix movie chain alerted the Willoughby powers-that-be a few months back that the theater would be shuttering at some point. It was a business decision, Scene has gleaned, due primarily to the prohibitive cost of transitioning to digital projectors. That cost, which can run up to $50,000 per screen, has been crippling many small movie theaters across the country for years.

Plus, it's difficult generating revenue at an establishment with patrons whose whole aim is spending as little money as possible. Going to the movies at Willoughby Hills, in case you never went, was the opposite of "cost-prohibitive." The theater famously offered a $0.75 Monday movie ticket (formerly only $0.50!) which meant you could take the whole family to a flick for about half the cost of a Venti Frap.

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