Ken Lanci Saves Sick Strangers While Vacationing Abroad




Former Cleveland mayoral candidate Ken Lanci went full on Good Samaritan last month when he apparently paid for the medical treatments of two complete strangers while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

From what we gather via WOIO, Lanci and his wife were seeking care at a private clinic after she came down with particularly vicious bout of food poisoning, when they met a Pittsburgh couple and a Canadian man who were unable to meet the clinic's strict up front payment policy.

The Pittsburgh couple didn't have enough money on their Visa to cover an emergency surgery needed for the husband, and the Canadian man didn't have access to the funds he needed to pay for a lung medication. The Lancis rallied and offered to spot the distraught patients, covering all expenses so they could get the care they needed.

Since returning from abroad (and ditching the food poisoning), the Lancis have been paid back in full by both parties.

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