Marshmallows Subbed for Prescription Pills in Preschool Career Lesson


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Here's an odd lesson for preschool students: Teach them how to fill prescription pills bottles by using mini-marshmallows. Such was the case during some sort of recent Career Day lesson in Massillon.


Why even begin to explain "careers" to preschoolers?

Why zoom in so narrowly to one particular job duty of pharmacists?

Why take sweetly delicious marshmallows and sub them in for pills — things that parents often warn their young children not to touch nor taste?

...Anyway, the brass at Franklin Elementary saw the lesson as a math-based learning opportunity. The superintendent hinted that, after this year's fun, they might go a different route for next year's pre-K career planning.

With a droll sense of irony, WEWS points out that "Nation Poison Prevention Week begins this weekend." We'll bring the marshmallows.


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