Cleveland Metroparks Brings Footgolf to Cleveland



  • Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Hey there Clevelandites looking for a thrifty and active new spring hobby, the Cleveland Metroparks has just announced its plans to bring two footgolf courses to nearby golf facilities next month.

Footgolf, for those unfamiliar, is a combination sport of soccer and golf, played with a soccer ball on a golf course and shorted holes with 21-inch diameter cups (we had to look it up, too).

Two nearby facilities, Mastick Woods Golf Course and Shawnee Hills Golf Course, are launching 18-hole American Footgolf League certified courses, usable to the public for a mere $10 a session or less.

Equipment costs are minimal, too. All you need is coursetime and a ball, explains footgolfer Lexi Korczynski, who recently wrote up a blog post detailing the 7 reasons everyone should be pumped about footgolf (go ahead- read it for yourself).

So, if you're hankering to beat the winter bloat and want to try something new, look for the April 12 opening or head to the Cleveland Metroparks website for more information.

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