Invisible PD Editor Debra Adams Simmons to Leave Post




Debra Adams Simmons, the Plain Dealer editor who has (technically) presided over the most tumultuous era in the newspaper's history, is leaving her post. The PD's Rachel Dissell tweeted this out Friday morning:

And the follow-up:

Simmons has been virtually invisible to the public during her reign since October, 2010. She co-authored a letter to readers on November 18, 2012 with Publisher Terry Egger about the dramatic paradigm shift (staff cuts, home delivery cuts) with all the typical corporate mumbo-jumbo about "better positioning for the future" and "making bold moves" and "capitalizing on dynamic changes," etc.

If she ever really engaged the readership in a public (or even private) way, Scene isn't aware of it.

She'll now continue working to bridge the gap between digital and print with the villains at Advance, who yesterday announced significant staff cuts at the Star-Ledger in New Jersey.

No news, yet, regarding a replacement or more changes to the bonkers staffing structure. It's not like the PD really even needs an editor these days.

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