New Design Details Emerge About Urban Farmer Restaurant at Westin




Back in February, we told you about Urban Farmer restaurant, the new farm-to-table steakhouse opening soon in the Westin Downtown hotel. Construction is underway on the 6,000-square-foot, 250-seat eatery, with the latest opening day estimate set for early May.

Sage Restaurant Group, the folks behind the Portland-based restaurant of the same name, is working with New York-based interior design firm Dash Design to create a unique and sophisticated "rural chic" environment.

"Every aspect of Urban Farmer in Cleveland is custom tailored to the people who live, work and visit the Midwest city, from the look and feel of the restaurant to the locally sourced offerings that are served there," explains Sage cofounder Peter Karpinksi.

The restaurant entrance will be marked by a four-story sign inspired by 20th-century industrial neon signage and a faded two-story mural on the building's exterior. Other design elements include a theatrical open kitchen, blackboards that depict the provenance of the menu's food and drink, large chicken-wire chandeliers, and a mix of vintage carpets and furniture. A visible steel "pantry" will hold pickled vegetables and fruits from which chef Brad Cecchi and his team can pluck ingredients to use in the kitchen. The bar/lounge is wrapped with reclaimed wood from local barns and boasts 20-foot ceilings and a wall of glass that looks out onto the downtown streets.

Read all about Urban Farmer here.

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