Ranked: Cleveland Named Among Most Frugal Cities in the Nation


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Some think we're cheap, we think we're thrifty, and, apparently, so do the folks over at Coupons.com who recently released statistics on the most frugal cities in the nation.

Cleveland claimed seventh place for coupon clipping (of the material and digital sort) on this year's list, in front of two other Ohio cities, Columbus (13) and Cincinnati (18).

"315 billion coupons were issued in the U.S. in 2013, giving consumers more than $510 billion in potential savings," a coupon clipping expert from Coupons.com said. "While consumers clamor for savings across the entire country, the Midwest and Southeast dominate the most frugal U.S. cities list, owning more than half of the top 25 slots."

We'll happily pocket our share of that $510 billion, thank you very much, especially if it means we'll have more mula to spend on high priority things like, say, our weekend bar tab.


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