Cleveland Punk Band 2 Bobs to Issue Limited Edition 7-inch for Record Store Day




2 Bobs, the old Cleveland punk band that featured Bob Richey and Bob Sablack, played around town semi-regularly in the ’80s but never attained the notoriety of other like-minded bands such as the Pink Holes and the Pagans. That’s not stopping Smog Veil Records from putting out a limited 2 Bobs release that features the band covering “Roll On Big O” and “Papa Oom Mow Mow.” Only 100 copies will be pressed on black vinyl and the folks at Smog Veil tell us, “The record will not be repressed and there will be no download available.” According to Smog Veil, Blue Arrow Records in North Collinwood and My Mind's Eye in Lakewood are the two area stores that will have it in stock for Record Store Day, which takes place tomorrow.

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