Mayfield Heights Man Beats Previous Soap Bubble Record



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Gary Pearlman of Mayfield Heights challenged a lofty and official Guinness World Record this past weekend, and most likely now has his name in the books.

For what, you might ask?

A bubble. A really, really big bubble.

It takes a few weeks to be verified as a world record holder, so for now Pearlman's victory isn't set in stone. However, even Megan Parker, the previous outdoor bubble-making record holder, admitted that her title will have to be passed on to Pearlman. And that's impressive praise, since her award-winning bubble, created about a year ago, had a volume of 729.25 ft³.

According to The News-Herald, Parker wasn't too upset about the challenge. "He's using my bubble solution to do it, so it is a win for me either way," she said.

Pearlman has been working with bubbles for a few years now, and goes by the entertainer name Dr. U.R. Awesome in his science shows. On top of his recent challenge of the outdoor bubble record, he plans on beating the biggest indoor soap bubble, too.

After Sunday's bubble blowing, Pearlman was happy with the audience he'd had in the morning. “Turnout was great," he said. "I am pleased everyone got up at this ungodly hour to come see a bubble."

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