Winchester Tavern Cancels Shows as Owner Puts Club Up For Sale




We weren’t really surprised to hear that Winchester Tavern owner James Mileti has decided to put his club up for sale. We’d heard rumors that he wanted to sell the Lakewood club that caters to the classic rock and blues crowd. And the club was only booking live bands a couple of nights a week. Earlier today, Mileti sent an email out to his newsletter subscribers telling them that he intended to sell the club (for a whopping $349,000) and that interested parties should simply give him a ring. “The importance of walking uprightly in the eyes of the Lord outweighs any and all other factors, and our selling booze to people is not making God smile,” he wrote on the club’s web site. “If we were the cause of a brother stumbling, woe to us. The path for [my wife] Rebecca and my life should be to uplift our brother not to make him stumble. This is of the utmost importance. We want to dedicate our lives to making more eternal residents in the kingdom of God, not to putting stumbling blocks in their path.” The couple had a reputation of being artist friendly club owners; the West side club will certainly be missed.

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