North Royalton Boy Goes "Hillbillly Fishing," Rescues "River Monster"




Via the Associated Press and local news outlets, a North Royalton 16-year-old rescued a three-foot, 40-pound fish that was seen Monday night on the flooded streets of the southern suburb.

The "River Monster" was a white amur, or grass carp, which can sometimes grow up to 80 pounds.

The intrepid Jake Sawyer, having grabbed his Crocs, waded through the ankle-deep water and managed to corral the water beast after trying to stun it by covering it in a towel.

"I just slowly put my hand on it, and then once it got comfortable with me, I just kind of bear-hugged it and lifted it up," he told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Sawyer, after snapping the requisite pics, returned Poseidon's minion to its home in the pond behind his house. Sawyer told WKYC that there was no time to name the scaly demon; he was only glad it survived.

"Hillbilly fishing," was how Sawyer categorized his rescue for the media.

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