Cedar Point Season Gets Off to a Rocky Start With Shutdown, Employee Arrests


  • Photo Courtesy of Wkimedia Commons
America's favorite themepark seems to be off to a rough start this summer.

After a water line broke last weekend and caused a two-day long shutdown of the entire park, 16 Cedar Point employees were arrested at 3 a.m. on Sunday after a mass brawl broke out at the park's rec center, according to the Sandusky Register. 16 felony charges ensued.

One man, apparently, was so determined to resist arrest that he just walked away, dragging behind him three officers who were attempting to bring him down as he went, the Register reported (we're not sure what this says about the abilities of the Cedar Point police force). He eventually succumbed to a taser.

Hopefully the past week's debacles aren't setting a precedent for how the rest of Cedar Point's season is going to go.

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