VIDEO: Dion Waiters Hosted Swanky Party in Philly




Dion Waiters, Scene's staff pick for "Best Athlete" in last month's Best of Cleveland Awards, hosted a glamorous, black-tie party in his hometown of Philadelphia last weekend. No word yet, on whether it aroused the ire of neighbors as his pool party did in 2013.

There's not much newsworthy to report, other than the presence of a few rising NBA stars (Phoenix's Morris twins, notably) and Waiters' gold ring with a watch face on it that he dons in slo-mo, in the video below, at 1:04. Really an epic shot there.

Say what you will about Waiters on the court — we love him, and aren't ashamed of it — but please acknowledge for the love of God that this man knows how to wear a gorgeous suit.

Keep struttin', Dion. Keep struttin.

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