2 Cleveland-Area Teenagers Arrested Twice in Same Night on Kelleys Island


  • Photo via Flickr Creative Commons, Whiteleydude
Two teenagers thought they could drunkenly outwit police of Kelleys Island twice in one night, according to an article in the Sandusky Register.

Kelleys Island police responded to a bar fight on May 24 at the Casino and arrested six teenagers for underage consumption, two of whom were spotted again later that same night at a different bar, still using their fake IDs, the article noted.

When asked by the police if they had "learned their lesson" when getting arrested for the same reason earlier in the night, the boys "denied drinking alcohol or having fake IDs." Smooth.

The two teenagers were yet again charged with underage consumption. In a bold move of defiance, one half of the pair also decided to give one of the officers a shove, adding to his charges with resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Why didn't the police just confiscate the fake IDs the first time around? That question remains unanswered.

Better luck next time, boys.

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