Cuyahoga Falls Man Just Wants to Fly his Kite Naked



A Cuyahoga Falls man was cited for disorderly conduct last week after he was discovered flying a kite, clad only in his birthday best.

Authorities report they received several calls from passersby who said they had spotted an elderly man rediscovering the joys of youth at the Summit County Fairgrounds.

By the time police arrived to the scene, the 82-year-old man had apparently put on a pair of shorts, and initially denied all charges of prancing around in the nude.

When asked for his ID, however, the man had to dig through a pair of pants crumpled up on the passenger seat of his vehicle, reports.

Eventually the man admitted to the shenanigans, and said he would accept the police ban to never return to the Summit County Fairgrounds.

(With a cackle of glee, he told authorities he'd make the trip over to the Old Triple Crown in Munroe Falls instead.)

After alerting the Munroe Falls police, Summit county authorities cited the man, and let him go, only to discover him back at the fairgrounds less than 12 hours later, claiming he was scouting out kite-flying locations for his friends.

The man was given a second citation, this time for criminal trespassing.


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