Willoughby Police: A Freight Train Is Blocking Two Streets And Its Crew Has Stopped Working




Via the Willoughby Police Department Facebook page comes this head-scratcher of a story. There's a freight train blocking two of the town's streets, and it could be there a while because its crew left work.

CSX reports they have train blocking Erie Rd & Pelton. Their crew has timed out on hours and unable to work any longer. They currently have no ETA on a replacement crew and will not be able to give any eta. It may be an extended period of time until the train is moved. Drivers are advised to use an alternate route. *** Do not drive around the gates***

Here's a map of the where the train is currently sitting, without a crew, blocking two streets (note that the railroad tracks run parallel to, and just north of, Mentor Ave):

The most popular comment on the Facebook post: "can the WPD issue them a parking ticket?"

(h/t to Matt Skrajner of the News Herald for pointing it out on Twitter).

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