Cannons on Display in Indians Sick Triple Play


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The Indians' executed a scorching triple play during the fourth inning of their 10-3 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday night.

Michael Brantley caught a line drive off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez (Out #1) and rifled it home to Yan Gomes who tagged out Dee Gordon (Out #2). At that point, the sneaky Yasiel Puig tried to advance to second but a pin point throw by Gomes to Kipnis put the kabosh on all that (Out #3).

This is the Indians first and the MLB's fourth triple play this year. The Tribe hadn't turned three (so to speak) since the 2011 campaign.

Brantley, by the way, whose ALL-STAR caliber season needs no further reiterating from me, is tied for first in the majors (with Oakland's Yoenis Cespedes) for outfield assists.

Here's the peanut butter. (Get it? The GIF????)

And video:


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