Ohio Man Goes Apeshit After Great Clips Haircut


Via frenzied hair & makeup & TV news reports: At a Great Clips in Chilicothe, OH, (near Columbus), 49-year-old Jimmy Nguyen was so displeased with the haircut he received that he punched the manager in the face. 

Those of us who've suffered a Great Clips haircut have likely acted out similar fantasies in our minds, though few of us punch our stylists in the face. 

The manager was summoned to assist Nguyen's stylist when the man began to vocally express his irritation, thrusting angry fingers of blame every which way. When the manager asked him to leave, he refused. Then he punched her in the face. 

When later approached by the police as he was wandering among the gas pumps of a nearby Sam's Club, Nguyen attempted to strike the officer as well. He missed.  

Rough day for Nguyen, but come on. It's Great Clips. What did he expect? Plus he's bald, right? So, I mean, it couldn't have been entirely the stylist's fault. Nguyen was ultimately charged with assault and resisting arrest.

The manager was shaken up a bit, but has emotionally stabilized after the encounter.  

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