Here's An Epically Gorgeous LeBron James Video.


A week or so ago, it seemed all but certain that LeBron James would be staying in Miami with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, keeping the Big Three intact. Over the past couple of days, the wind seems to have been blowing James back to Cleveland. 

The momentum may have shifted yet again. But who knows?

The landscape is as unclear as ever. Twitter is a mosh pit of speculation masquerading as certainty. "Sources" not named LeBron James ultimately have very little credence. History has dictated that the best basketball player in the world will do precisely what he pleases. 

But Daniel Wantz, a local filmmaker who has distinguished himself on Bullet TV (and who, notably, directed the video advertising campaign for CIFF last year) has made a sort of tribute video, attached below, which is probably the most beautiful of its ilk we've ever seen.  

The music! The pathos! The grit! This shit is infinitely more affecting than the #ThisisCLE montage from a few months back, and a reminder that our own adversity — Cleveland's — is a lot bigger than LeBron James, and that forgiving him (and by extension, ourselves) can be a balm, whether he returns or not.

But if he does... God, if he does.  

The Comeback King from Danny Wantz on Vimeo.

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