Who Was RFK Jr.'s Cleveland Mistress?


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The NY Post has a list of 43 possible RFK mistresses from his phone — listed under G, which his late wife, as the Post notes, reportedly believed stood for "goomah" — and while only two names are named (Cheryl Hines and Chelsea Kirwan), the paper says the woman were stored along with notes on cities and occupations, because how else does an upstanding fella keep track of all this stuff.

Anyway, one woman is reportedly in Cleveland.

While Kennedy didn't have a gal in every port, he did seem to have friends in many places. At least five women were from Toronto; one was in Paris; others were in Palm Beach, Fla., Alaska, Aspen, Colo., Miami, Montreal, Cleveland and Pensacola, Fla. One woman had the notation "airplane" after her name, another "farm," and another "teacher." One was cryptically known as "Z."

Richardson believed her philandering husband also used aliases to hide his own identity when traveling. "Robert Strong" was a favorite pseudonym, she told her friend.

Whoever it was, and we have some guesses, she probably feels very special to be among the 43.


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