Camera Found in Channel 5 Bathroom (Updated)


Update: The WEWS hidden bathroom camera is now coming to a courtroom near you.

Brad Brown, who had been a promotions producer at Channel 5 (he's now at Fox 8), has filed a lawsuit against the station claiming that a station employee, Berry Pinney, ordered the camera to be installed. Pinney was the director of engineering and operations.

The lawsuit contents that the camera broadcasted images from the bathroom to video screens at a security desk and that another station employee noticed the images on July 13, which led the station to delete the recordings. According to, the camera was then also removed. 

Former Fox 8 reporter Tom Merriman is representing Brown and says more lawsuits may follow.


(Original post: 7/17/2014): "Multiple sources" have told the NEOMG's crackerjack crime reporter Brandon Blackwell that a station employee at Cleveland ABC's affiliate WEWS has been fired after a camera was discovered in the first floor men's bathroom.

In a staff memo that Blackwell got a hold of, station general manager Sam Rosenwasser went out of his way to assure employees that the camera had been removed and that the footage captured had been destroyed. He said he had taken disciplinary action.   

"Finally and most importantly," wrote Rosenwasser, "I want to apologize."

The bathroom was used primarily by station guests, but it's still reasonable to assume that a handful of these gentlemen's penises were memorialized on film or flash drive.  

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