Ohio Ranked Proudest State in the Nation


  • Photo via Ohio State Buckeyes, Facebook

It's true. Movoto (the "fun" real estate blog) has ranked Ohio as the proudest state in the nation. 

To come up with these rankings Movoto analyzed data from Facebook to determine what percentage of the population in each of the 50 states "liked" their home state on the social sharing site. 

Ohio beat out other top contenders such as New Mexico (48 percent "liked") and Alaska (43 percent "liked"). 

To us Ohioans, it's not surprising, really, considering we boast ensembles such as Buckeye Nation (Cleveland, for it's part, has also been honored for having some of the best damn fans in the land). 

Here's what Movoto had to say about the matter:
1. Ohio: They’re Oh So High On State Pride

A truly stunning 55 percent of Ohioans have Liked the Buckeye state on Facebook, and are happy to brag about where they call home. With awesome places like Columbus to call home, it’s no wonder people in the state are so eager to show it. Oh, and remind us never to insult Ohio. Ever.
See which other states made it into the top ten below:
1. Ohio
2. New Mexico
3. Alaska
4. Maine
5. Utah
6. Montana
7. Vermont
8. Colorado
9. Texas
10. Wyoming

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