Local Singer-Songwriter Dan Miraldi to Play Farewell Show at Mahall's


Local singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi is moving to New York next month to get his masters degree in music business at New York University. Last year, he had heard about music business programs and started researching them. One of the major programs was at NYU.So between touring in the fall, he studied for the GRE. He applied and was accepted. “It’s a cool program because when you’re a musician it’s good to have some business savvy about contracts and the law,” he says. “It also enables me to experiment with different aspects. I hope to discover something about the business that I really like or another aspect to my music.” But before leaving, he plans to play one last show with his backing band the Albino Winos. “It’s not the last time I’ll play but the end of an era,” he says. “We’ll have other shows. But I’m moving the week after the show. The set will feature songs from all the different records we’ve put out in some form rather than just promoting the album we put out in the fall.” Miraldi also says he’s in the process of recording a new album that should be out sometime next year. Hawkeye and the Jason Patrick Meyers Band will also perform. The show takes place at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 8 at Mahalls.

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