NAVY PRoject, a Vintage Unisex Pop-Up Shop, to Open in Gordon Square


  • Photo courtesy of NAVY PRoject and Ian Smith

Gordon Square will soon add another clothing boutique to its repertoire, thanks to NAVY PRoject, a vintage unisex pop-up shop that is slated to open in early September.

The brainchild of Cleveland native Mary Peffer, NAVY PRoject aims to bring a collection of affordable, ready-to-wear products to northeast Ohio shoppers, such as denims, leatherware, letterman jackets, and other pieces easily incorporated into everyday outfits. 

Each item is hand selected by Peffer who has spent months scouring the country for unique finds at flea markets, boutiques, and the like.  "Every single piece in the store is something that I love and can see other people loving," she says.

What's more, Peffer says she's opting for pieces that work for both guys and gals in hopes of shifting the focus away from strict codes of dress and more toward quality and personalized style. 
  • Photo courtesy of NAVY PRoject and Ian Smith

"I feel like the lines are becoming more blurred around fashion," she says. "Clothes are an outward form of expression. I wanted to stay away from leading people too heavily and let the process be as organic as possible."

With a background in fashion and public relations, Peffer envisions her specialty shop having a relaxed and inclusive environment; a space where locals can mix and mingle. "I want to create a place where people can shop, or not shop. They can just come hangout," she says. "It won't be all about the transaction." 

In addition to clothing, the Detroit Ave. boutique will also exhibit and sell artwork by Brooklyn Shop Third Eye designer and musician, Savannah King, and Cleveland/New York illustrator Deanna First.

Peffer says the Cleveland boutique is the first of what she hopes will be several pop-up markets dotting the country. While plans are still unconfirmed, she says she could envision retail spaces in Portland, Austin, and San Diego. "Cleveland is my baby, though."

NAVY PRoject will open its doors on Friday, Sept. 5 from 5 - 8 p.m. The following week, regular weekday hours will run Wed. - Sun. 12 - 7 p.m. and by appointment. NAVY PRoject will be located at 6602 Detroit Ave.

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