Video: Coyote Wandering Through Cleveland Streets




Yes, that's a coyote and, yes, it's wandering near some people in the streets of Cleveland. Instagram user Darnell R. Ford ( posted these two videos of the four-legged predator around the East 36 Street and Payne Ave intersection.

The Instagram user follows the coyote from a car, expressing confusion about seeing the coyote within the city and surprise that a group of people standing outside a building aren't freaked out as it approaches. Take a look here:

Video one caption: "Coyote Downtown Cleveland pt 1... where the F did it come from!?!? #coyote #cleveland #downtown #wildanimals #lost"

Video two caption: "White people are fearless. Coyote Downtown pt 2... #coyote #wildanimals #cleveland #crazy"

If you want some more information about local coyote sightings, take a read through this March 2014 NEOMG story by Sara Dorn ("Coyote sightings on the rise as denning season begins") and this July 2013 Plain Dealer story by James Ewinger ("Coyotes living in Cleveland Metroparks and other urban areas often 'misunderstood'")

(h/t to the UrbanCoyote on Reddit for posting the instagram link)

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