Browns Linebacker Christian Kirksey is Really Tiny in Madden NFL 15


This morsel of hilarity has been making the rounds online this week, but surely if you've already seen it you know that it warrants multiple references. 

Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey not only inexplicably shows up playing for the Tennessee Titans in Madden NFL 15's "Madden Solo Challenge" mode, but he also appears 14 inches tall.

Check out a Vine of Tiny Kirksey here.

Kirksey, 22 and 6'2", made the Browns's 53-man roster this week. He was selected in the third round of the draft, foreshadowing this latest vault into the history books.

Madden, of course, has been known for its goofy glitches for years (did you see that guy just fly off the ground and start spinning?!). Here's a nice roundup of the latest batch. 


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