A Cleveland Heights Alum Just Won BET's 'Sunday Best' Gospel Competition


Co-finalists Candace Benson and Geoffrey D. Golden
  • Co-finalists Candace Benson and Geoffrey D. Golden
Geoffrey D. Golden, a Cleveland native and Cleveland Heights High School alum, was crowned champion in BET's 'Sunday Best' gospel-singing competition show Sunday night.

Though Golden's last name is purely coincidence, his rich gospel voice was a mainstay of the Cleveland Heights High School gospel choir, which Golden directed as a student there.

Golden is now a junior at Morehouse College. He defeated co-finalist Candace Benson, of Philadelphia, in 'Sunday Best's' seventh season finale Sunday night.

"There's so many other people who are amazing singers from the outset," Golden told a Christian media outlet. "The top 20 was full of amazing singers, People who were just as anointed, who were just as powerful. But I think it was probably just that sincerity that led me to this and being true to myself."

Here's Golden's preliminary audition video for the show. BET has his final performance, and other Season 7 clips, on its website.  

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