Wahoo Watch: New York Daily News Will No Longer Print Chief Wahoo Image


Following an editorial decrying the Washington Redskins' team name and announcing that the newspaper will no longer print it, the New York Daily News announced that it will also abstain from publishing the Cleveland Indians' logo, Chief Wahoo

From Baseball Insider writer Andy Martino:
Another obvious and positive development, and one that won’t prevent us from continuing to call on the team and others in media to do the same. In reporting on this issue in the recent past, it became clear to me that Native American groups consider Chief Wahoo offensive, which is enough for the rest of us to deem it inappropriate.
..."the rest of us" quite clearly, however, does not include Indians management nor the seemingly gazillions of furious Clevelanders who take to the Internet in seething droves anytime even the slightest #DeChief notion is published. (See below, inevitably.)

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