Where is the quietest place in Cleveland?


A few weeks ago, I asked people on Twitter where the quietest place in Cleveland might be. 

Apart from some back-and-forth about what precisely I was asking, a smattering of ideas arrived:

- the woods next to Wildlife Way in Old Brooklyn
- the Lakefront Nature Preserve
- the end of Edgewater pier, 5:45 a.m.
- the top of Key Tower
- two miles out on Lake Erie in a sailboat
- the John G. White Special Collections Treasure Room at Cleveland Public Library

Absent total silence, the idea of solitude and quiet in our bustling city intrigued me. Then, just yesterday, I encountered a terrific project from the New York Times: "Finding the Quiet City" profiles the aural and visual makeup of NYC's quietest, most reflective spots. The geographies all came from what seem like reader submissions.

Anyway, I want to keep this idea rolling and learn more about where Cleveland's quiet solitude can be found. Drop me a line at esandy@clevescene.com or on Twitter with your own realms of near-silence. I'll be sure to share whatever places/ideas I receive.

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