19 Action News Wants to Know Why All These Arabic People Are Hanging Out!


Here's the latest from the crackerjack (and, apparently, minority-watching) news hounds at 19 Action News: A downtown park has become a "cultural hangout" for Arabs. This is news. This is cause for investigation.

You won't believe it, Ed Gallek and his bewildered investigative team report, but Arabs (and even Indians) are socializing at Perk Park at 10 and even 11 p.m., when the park is supposed to be closed by 9. What gives? 

After some hard-nosed, in-your-face investigating, Gallek ascertained that many Arab parents don't mind letting their children hang out late when there's no school the next day.

But 19 Action News sniffed out that bogus info. They checked (!!!) and determined that there was school the next day. Just what exactly is going on with all these Arabs at this Walnut Wednesday hangout? 

For now, they're waiting for police to respond to questions about security, but we'll be all over this one too. 

The video, if you're curious what it looks like when some people stand around talking and a news team films them from a distance, can be found here.

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