Read This 1981 Profile of Jim Brown


Via The Stacks at Deadspin, an illustrative and phenomenally interesting profile of JIm Brown written back in 1981 for Inside Sports. A snippet on his history with violence toward women and violence in general:

In a period of three months in 1965, Brown was accused of beating and sexually molesting two teenage girls. One dropped the charges, the other one went to court and lost. She filed a paternity suit then and lost that, too.

People who know Brown say that if he had done what she said, he wouldn't have gone to court and lied. "There's been lies written about me," he says, "there's been some truth, too. I'm no angel, but what I do, I tell the truth about."

In June of 1968, he was arrested and charged with assault with intent to commit murder when his girlfriend, a 22-year-old model named Eva Bohn-Chin, was found semi-conscious beneath the balcony of his Hollywood apartment. The neighbors had heard an argument and called the police.

He also was charged with felony battery on a peace officer and obstructing justice. "The police is just another cat," he said. The first sheriff's deputy who came through the front door that day also went through the closet door.

"Listen," he said, "you got to have something, goin' out dealing with 270-pound linemen for a living. You quit playing, but that doesn't just go away."

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