Working the Sarchione Beat: Josh Gordon Discusses Life as a Car Salesman


While niche circles in Cleveland debate the Browns' momentum heading into Week Three (AHOYER!), the more enticing excitement over noted car salesman Josh Gordon's first sale has us all wondering: How Does He Do It?

Gordon, whose side gig on the Browns' roster has garnered idle chit-chat in offices around the region WHEN HE'S NOT CLOSING HUGE SALES, discusses la vita macchina with WEWS and takes us behind the scenes of a true professional's world.

Watch the video here

"I mean, working at a dealership, it's pretty standard," Gordon tells the news station. "I've been shadowing the veterans." The sheer modesty of it all! He goes on to hint at longevity in this particular line of work, rousing fans of his commercial ethos to roaring applause.

Word is Gordon's year-long NFL suspension has been reduced to 10 games, so it's likely he'll be bringing his lesser known receiving skills to FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, later this year. 

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