NPR Talks With Young Adults About How Young Adults Are Moving Back to Cleveland


It's not an uncommon story at this point — in fact, you may be living this tale right now — but, whether observed at face value or forced through some media narrative, there's something a bit exciting about it.

Young people are moving back to Cleveland!

Or maybe they never even left!

Here & Now's "Alternate Routes" (NPR) reporting project published its first episode from Cleveland, where there's a hotbed of young professionals making places like Ohio City awesome. Things like the influx of nice restaurants and bars are discussed multiple times, which mirrors IRL conversations that take place everyday here. 

Listen to the episode below.

The project came about with the midterm elections looming, and shifts in age demographics do tend to have an impact on election outcomes. The focus, however, is pinned more directly on the changes in Ohio City, which was recently touted separately as one of the country's best up-and-coming neighborhoods. The craft brew scene is touted at length as a touchstone of Cleveland's renaissance. For instance: "It's great to be able to have such a diversity of beer in such a concentrated location."

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