moe. Crafts Intricate Groovefest at Kent Stage

Concert Review


The February show doesn't seem too long ago, but thankfully moe. decided to trek back to Northeast Ohio for a Sunday night slot on their fall tour. The Buffalo-based jam band lit up the Kent Stage (a remarkably small place that I'd never been before) with a fine setlist and plenty of heavy, heavy jamming all night long.

Opener "Rainshine" worked really well, alternating between Al's laid-back verses and the more anthemic and characteristic choruses. The rhythm beneath guitarist Al Schnier's solo later on in the song is a chugging beast. From there, "Y.o.y." gave guitarist Chuck Garvey the spotlight, and "Paper Dragon" turned everything over to bassist Rob Derhak. 

"The Pit" -> "Moth" was an improvisatory highlight of the second set, with each song packing guitar-driven highlights and the former segueing out of "Tubing the River Styx" and featuring some tight playing from percussionist Jim Loughlin. The winding "Mexico" jam to close the show was a pleasant surprise, diverging from the heavier psychedelia from earlier in the set.

Pink Floyd's "Time" and then "Spine of the Dog" in the encore were awesome. The latter showed up in the encore spot back in February, so there was a bit of an echoing quality about it this time around. Personally speaking, "Spine" was one of the first tunes that really got me into moe., so it's always welcome.


Set I: Rainshine, Y.o.y., Paper Dragon, Stranger Than Fiction, Big World > Ricky Marten > Puebla, Billy Goat 

Set II: Don't Fuck With Flo -> Tubing the River Styx -> The Pit -> Moth, Nebraska, Rise > Mexico 

Encore: Time, Spine of a Dog

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