Skunk Beat: North Ridgeville Police Assist Trapped Animal


Big week for skunk news, everybody. BIG WEEK FOR SKUNK NEWS.

The Chronicle-Telegram is reporting the story of a skunk that got its head stuck in a styrofoam cup this morning. The skunk was found wandering aimlessly around the North Ridgeville Middle School track, completely unable to comprehend what was happening

Two police officers eventually and quite carefully removed the cup and returned the skunk to the land of sensory perception. 

“After a lot of maneuvering and staying out of the blast zone of said skunk, we were able to get the skunk freed from the cup,” the department relayed via Facebook (emphasis Scene's).

Just yesterday we reported a similar story out of Oxford, Ohio, and did a bit of #explainerjournalism on the deprivation effects of animal safety hazards like styrofoam cups and beer cans. Case in point, numbskulls: Don't litter. 

Skunk Beat™ out.

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