Spirit Airlines to Land at Cleveland Hopkins



Spirit Airlines, the "ultra low-cost carrier," will soon land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, offering service to Florida, Texas, and Nevada, among other destinations.

The news comes less than a year after United Airlines pulled out of Cleveland, considerably slashing local flight traffic and hundreds of jobs. 

For frugal, no-frills travelers this might be a good thing, though folks who've flown Spirit can attest: it's not for the faint of heart. 

Known for offering dirt cheap base fares, then tacking on fees for just about everything else, Spirit has been called almost every name in the book (the more pleasant of which is "a giant fucking rip-off").

This graphic, amiably provided by The Atlantic's Derek Thompson in his 2013 write-up How Terrible is Spirit Airlines, Really?, seems to capture popular sentiment:


At the very least, Spirit's reputation proceeds its arrival to Cleveland. That doesn't mean you can't score a cheap seat if you're willing to forgo the peanuts (and a checked bag). 

Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

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