"You Could Get In Trouble in a Bar in Youngstown If You Said Something Bad About Jim Traficant"


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RIP, Jim Traficant, who passed away after sustaining injuries from a tractor accident last week.

There's plenty to say about ole Jimbo, of course. One of the things that could be said, "You could get in trouble in a bar in Youngstown if you said something bad about Jim Traficant," was said by Youngstown native Ed O'Neil, who was interviewed for a documentary called Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown. It was a kickstarter project with a badass trailer back in 2011. The filmmaker has released a few excerpts and extended interviews from the film, which doesn't have a slated release date yet, on his Vimeo page.

This is one of them: Traficant, then a sheriff, refuses to foreclose on people's homes.

Traficant fights foreclosures from Eric Murphy on Vimeo.


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