Here's the New Cavs Court Design


The Cavs have unveiled their brand new court design at the Quicken Loans Arena. The snazzy new court retains its key elements — the enormous "C" at center court — but now features a blue border and a Cleveland skyline.  It will be on display for the Wine & Gold scrimmage this evening, (which will stream live on

Earlier this summer, the previous Cavs' court was ranked dead last in Zach Lowe's Definitive NBA Court Design Power Rankings on Grantland.

"The Cavs have never been able to get their court right," wrote Lowe. "Their color scheme can be hard to digest in big slices, and though they keep changing the center-court logo, they seem determined to make it as large as possible. That giant “C” damn near touches both 3-point arcs, and at 638.4 square feet, it is the league’s largest logo by a huge margin. You could rent that thing for $2,000 a month in Manhattan." 

Maybe Dan Gilbert took it personally. He ought to embrace his detractors and insist that all court text appear in Comic Sans. 


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