Vote for Indians' Pitching Staff in 7th Annual "Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year" Award


Though the playoffs proved elusive for the Cleveland Indians this season, the pitching staff may yet be crowned champions. Kluber, Axford, Salazar, House and the gang were nominated for the 7th Annual Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award." You can vote for them here

Competition is steep this year, what with a few exquisite handlebars, one pro-baseball mascot and even Eric Holder — "The first Mustached Attorney General since Francis A. Biddle. Still, the nomination alone might stanch the bloody wounds inflicted by the Tribe offense and the utter absence of run support down the stretch.  

(In the meantime, Corey Kluber's Cy Young candidacy is alive and well).    

Though the award specifies the Indians "pitching staff," the September rally staches were grown and cultivated team-wide, (Kipnis and Chisenhall among the vanguard). 

Should the pitchers win, the award will be presented at the "Stache Bash" in Richmond, Virg., on October 25.

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