Best Cleveland Video Yet?


Staying abreast of the endless output from the Ra-Ra-Cleveland cottage industry has become a wearying exercise — watching all these doting, aerial, multimedia extravaganzas... it can feel like a part-time job.

The YouTube channels and the ad campaigns and the merchandise (to say nothing of the neon apparel) before and after the LeBron and RNC news have been pumping more or less 24/7.

So when we say that this latest video production, courtesy of Fusion Filmworks and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, is uniquely spectacular, we're saying something.  

Set to the ambient folk-rock of local outfit Seafair, you won't find a more gratifying depiction of downtown anywhere.

Though — we get it — you rarely see this many hip-looking folks impromptu dancing on the streets of the Theatre district,  the effect is pretty infectious. And it's a pleasure to see so many diverse faces. Enjoy.

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