Lakewood 911 Audio: "I Love You... Can I Get Your Personal Number?"




On Tuesday, we brought you the audio of a guy who called Lakewood police to report he's "been hard for five days." Well now, we're bringing you audio of a call that came in earlier in the day that may be equally ridiculous. Take a listen, and make sure you stay until the end:

For the hearing impaired, here's the transcript:

Dispatcher: "911, what is your emergency?"
Caller: "How you doing, is there any way you can tell me if I have a warrant in the city of Lakewood?"
Dispatcher: "No, not on 911, I can't."
Caller: "Ok, do you have a number I can call?"
Dispatcher: "You can call the courts on Monday."
Caller: "Oh ok, so I'd have to find out through the courts, ok thank you... I love you."
Dispatcher: "Alright, bye."
Caller: "Can I get your personal number, though?"

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