It's Pumpkin Stealing Season Around Chagrin Falls


With just a few weeks to go until the annual Chagrin Falls pumpkin roll — a tradition over 60 years in the making — it's high time for teens to grab pumpkins that don't belong to them, which doesn't seem like the most efficient way to acquire the goods needed to make the famous Chagrin Falls street into a pumpkin-sledding landscape, but whatever.

Bainbridge police tell that there have been six reports of stolen pumpkins, which also begs the question of who in their right minds would call the police to report a stolen pumpkin. Lots of free time out there in Bainbridge (and on the NEOMG crime desk, apparently). And some overblown sense of justice.

One resident on the 7000 block of Bainbrook Drive sent their dog after a teenager who snatched a pumpkin from their porch late Friday, police said.
Totally reasonable response.

The annual, messy extravaganza usually results in at least a handful of arrests and injuries. Video of 2011's roll below.

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