Cleveland's Upcoming Winter Probably Won't Be as Bad as the Last


  • Photo via Cierra Smith, Instagram

If you still haven't shaken the memory of last year's bitterly cold polar vortex, followed by a disappointingly cool summer, here's a bit of local weather news to warm you up: The forthcoming winter probably won't be as bad as the last.

That is to say, the forthcoming winter probably won't be as bad as one of the worst winters in history - hooray!

The Farmers Almanac predicts the Northeast Ohio area will still see cold temperatures and normal amounts of snow, but we probably won't see anything as terrible as this or even this over the next 4 - 5 months.


A repeat of last winter is not particularly likely," Mike Halpert, acting director of the Climate Prediction Center, recently told Detroit's Free Press.

That's not to say there won't be cold air and snow, which is normal for much of the country during winter, Halpert said. It just won't persist as much as it did last year, when extreme weather seemed to be stuck in place.

Well those are cheery thoughts to usher us in to snowfly season.

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