Ohio Woman Lies About Ebola Symptoms to Get Faster Medical Treatment for Her Sister


An Ohio woman is facing scorn, scrutiny and possibly charges after lying about her sister having Ebola-like symptoms to get a quicker response from medical personnel.  

The Columbus woman, whose name has not yet been released, called 911 on Thursday to report that her sister had a high fever and added that she had recently traveled to Africa.

“I’m scared. I think my sister has Ebola. Her fever is 107, and she’s really, really hot,” the woman said. 

Police and paramedics responded immediately, clad in hazmat suits, and prepared the woman to be moved into isolation and roped off the house with crime scene tape.

But once at the hospital, it was revealed that the woman did not, in fact, have symptoms consistent with Ebola, nor had she traveled to western Africa in the last 21 days. 

The false call was a drain on first responders, Jose Rodriguez of Columbus Public Health told the Columbus Dispatch

“We are trying to protect the community, and a hoax really wasted our resources,” he said. 

You can listen to the woman's 911 call here

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